I.P. TV – The New Thing That’s Replacing Cable TV

What Is it? It’s a small device that hooks up to your TV like a DVD player. After setting it up, you instantly get access to all movies, all sports and even adult entertainment. This includes international channels and the newest movies right after they hit the theaters.

This is way better than cable, and much less expensive. This is replacing the need for the standard cable TV service across the U.S.A.

It also had high definition TV (HDTV) and is capable of 5G4K UHD programming, so you can watch movies and shows in super high, almost realistic definition.

Call (727) 505-0483 for yearly subscriptions and to find out more about it.

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Want To Try IPTV? Call (727) 505-0483

Pay For Your First Year & The Box

Your first payment of $250 includes your first year of subscription service. Get an amazing amount of channels and movies and TV shows for almost 10x less than the standard cable bill.